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Hello, welcome to MEA Credit Repair and Tax Service, LLC . Thank you for Viewing our site. We will do our best to provide you with quality service and ensuring prompt and desired results with regards to the removal of inaccurate information. Before we can start processing your case, we need all three of your credit reports and scores. We have teamed up with a credit monitoring company where you can get a credit monitoring system. In order to perform the credit analysis, we will need you to purchase one of the monitoring services below. Once your ready let us know. We will then send you an invoice for $75($200 for a couple) for the credit analysis, which will give us a detailed report advising what will need to be done to your report. The $75 ($200 for a couple) must be paid prior to the credit analysis. If monies aren't received, the credit analysis will not be done. 

Once the credit analysis is complete, we will discuss the outcome and come up with a specialized plan that fits your credit needs.  Thereafter, we will start preparing your legal dispute letters and get them in the mail within 3 days of the credit analysis completion.  Your monthly payments will be as follows: 69.99 monthly for singles  179.99 monthly for couples 

We are also offering Individual plans :  Analysis only $125  -Analyzer only $150 -Dispute Letters pkg $300 -Consultation $100 -1 month repair only $150 -2 months repair only $300 -3 months repair only $400 -4 months repair only $500  -5 months repair only $600  -6 months repair only $700 Make all payments utilizing the following :  Cash App $Chelle1107 Zelle 979-324-7568 or meacreditandtax@yahoo.com We can't use credit karma as it only gives a brief synopsis of your report and doesn't provide the errors or the inaccuracies that are shown on all 3 reports.  Credit Reports and Credit Monitoring:

  • You get all 3 credit reports and consumer scores every 30 days.

  • You get credit monitoring and alerts.

  • You get identity theft protection.

Click here to get your credit reports. www.smartcredit.com/meacreditrepairandtaxservice   (you must choose the $29.99 plan) Once you have set up your accounts, please send us your login credentials along with the answer to your secret security question. You can email, fax, or call us with your login information. *****The credit monitoring service must be active the entire time of your credit repair process. So, please understand that this will me an additional charge along side of your monthly credit repair plan. ******* We are also looking for contractors to sign on to our credit repair Company. (Ask us for more info) DIY credit repair $1900 Join the Team $2500

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