What’s the best way to file a dispute?

If you see incorrect information on your credit report, it is possible to dispute it and have it permanently removed.

To do this, send a written request for verification to the credit bureau and send it certified with a notice of receipt. Sending a certified dispute letter ensures you know the agency received your request and you have a paper trail with a date to begin the countdown for removal.

Make sure you send separate dispute letters to each credit reporting agency that has the information, even if it is the exact same.

Not only are all of the credit reporting agencies separate entities, but they also do not share information with each other. Even if you have the data removed from one credit report, it may stay on your other credit reports until you submit another request.

Submitting an online dispute with a credit reporting agency may seem like a fast, easy way to get the results you want, but it may not work out in your favor.

It’s better to take longer to get the information removed permanently from your credit report than to try to take a shortcut that won’t work overtime. A temporary solution isn’t a real solution at all. Taking the time to do the dispute process correctly will give you the right results and a permanent resolution.

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