What you need to know when making Credit Card Payments

Your due date will cause you to pay interest. Never use the due date as a payment marker. It is ALWAYS the statement date.

1. Find your due date, Now that you have it FORGET IT, NEVER worry about it again, whip it from the calendar, it never existed, Due dates are for calculating interest, not utilization.

2. Now find your statement closing date. Put it in big red letters in everything you see in the house. The kid’s forehead, calendars, front door glass, bathroom mirror, you get the idea.

Now 2 days BEFORE THAT DATE, pay your card down 1-3% of the credit limit. So, for a $300 card you want to have $3-$9 balance on that card. Let it sit, now on the statement date, you know the date you have in Red all over? It is going to report to the Credit Bureau that you have a 1-3% utilization on your card.

Now 2 days after that date in red all over the place. Pay the card to Zero. Wait 2 days and then you are free to spend to your heart’s desire. Buy gas, food, coffee, pay it down 5-6 times it does not matter. But when that big red date comes around again you better have that card back down to 1-3%, and do it all over again.

You will never have anything due on a due date to pay interest on. The due date is meaningless. You will notice you always have a zero due on the due date.

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